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This Partnership Program it’s an affiliate based program, that will allow you to earn money, just by sharing my website links (under your referral code or Partner code). Which is something that people usually do, for free, on social networks, anyway (hoping my free Technical Analysis & Forecast, charts and videos are interesting and helpful for you and your friends trading activity).

Also, it’s a promise I made, to my students. I’ve promised them, I will find a way of returning them, all the paid fees for my “6 Months Forex Course“.

That of course, for those of them, that are willing to give something back to my communities. Some of them said, they were not sharing my links because, they don’t want their friends and job colleagues or bosses, to know, they are interested in trading. While others, said they are too busy and prefer just to watch and remain inactive (still have students that enrolled and never joined a live meeting, nor asked a question, nor posted a chart for my review). Which is fine by me, since they bought the whole course and I can use those funds for increasing my advertising budget.

But, I hope by this Partnership Program, to be able use these funds and to pay less and less to advertising, by rewarding with a huge commission, those of you, that are willing to help me …to help you. So, I provide you free analysis and free training (you can pay it with your Partner commission), if you just help me to spread the words… Sounds fair enough?

How to join

1. Login or Register, on my website (check your email spam folder and mark my emails as “not spam” – I recommend you to add my emails to your address book, for our future communications)

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2. Once login, apply to become a Partner here. Or under your profile menu (top-right icon and “Edit Profile”), select “Be An Affiliate” and ” Sign up”.

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3. After becoming a Partner, this Partnership Program page will have a new header, containing your Partner Account Statistics.

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4. Visit the “Creatives” section (active campaign) and get your Partner code (referral code).
You can save it in a text document and use it anytime later, placed after any of my website links (without login to your Partner account, unless you want to check your activity statistics, for example)

Partner Code


5. Chose a link you wish to share, from my website and add your Partner code at the end of it.

Let’s say you want to share this link: http://www.fxlordice.com/category/videos/
And your Partner code is: ?wpam_id=7
The link you want to share under your Partner code will be: http://www.fxlordice.com/category/videos/?wpam_id=7

6. Use a link shortener to protect your Partner link from spam, on social networks: goo.gl and bit.ly are the most common used ones.

Examples for the link: http://www.fxlordice.com/category/videos/?wpam_id=7

goo.gl: https://goo.gl/wEjlHW

bit.ly: http://bit.ly/2fQSHvK

7. Post my website links, containing your Partner code and shortened, anywhere you want on the web, respecting the Partnership Program Terms of Service you agree with, when you joined.

How to test your partner code

If you are login into your Partner account on one browser, you ca open a second browser and type your desired to share link (or post it as a private post, to a social network – if you are on a mobile device). For example: http://www.fxlordice.com/category/videos/?wpam_id=7
Of course you will use the shortened one, but for example purpose I had to use the whole link, here. Then, switch to your main browser and see if your visitors number increased.

After Testing Your Partner Code


Commision & Payments


I will give away 60% of my course fee, for those of you that will refer new students. I will spend roughly 10% left on transfer fees and the other 30% into advertising and future bonuses for my Partners. I really hope to get rid of spending these money on ads and give it all to my successful Partners, instead.


Commissions will be processed, between 31st, usually and maximum 45th day, since your referred customer enrolled & paid my course (30 days money back guarantee policy).


My website will set and track lifetime cookies (as long as the visitors will not change their login device and operating system). Just in case, a student decide to buy each course modules separately, instead of choosing the one time payment (-30%). Also, he/she can take a break of few months, before deciding to continue and complete the whole course.

* If the client was referred by two or more Partner codes, only the first one, will get the commission.
** I (as admin) don’t have a Partner code, for the links I share.

How much money can you make

Well, it’s totally up to you. But, yes, it depends on your audience: friends, followers and communities you own. Usually, a personal target of 3 sales/month, shouldn’t be hard to get. When you don’t have a results statistic usually, in sales, we use Pareto principle: 100-20-4-1.

This can be translated into 100 prospects, 20 confirmed meetings, 4 negotiation meetings, 1 sale. But… online is x10 times harder. Why? Imagine yourself, scrolling your Facebook feeds…Do you miss posts? Do you click on each post? If you see it and click on it, do you get involved into all conversations?

So, for the web, 1000 prospects can get you … 1 sale. This means 1000 friends. But, to be considered prospects, for the statistic, they must be interested in trading. Otherwise, they’re not prospects: no click, no reads, no visits, no sales, right? Especially if you will add random “forex people” (fake accounts, made for spam, which will eventually be removed by Facebook and any other social network admins, anyway)

…But if you are able to recommend me those 3 students, each month:

  • If they chose one time payment for the whole course (and they benefit of -30% discount), you’ll receive 3 x €501 = €1503, in that month
  • If they chose monthly payments, you’ll receive 3 x €119.4 = €358.2/month (plus €358.2/each month, for 3 new students)
  • So, if you do this, each month, after 6 months you will start to have 6 x 3 x €119.4 = €2149.2/month, starting from the 6th month (6 months, 3 sales/month with monthly payment option)

  • At this time, all you need to do is to continue providing 3 new sales/month to earn this huge commission!

    Persevering. This is a long term Partnership

    It doesn’t matter how much audience you have. Keep posting all my new blog articles and analysis. Invite your friends to this Partnership Program, as well (under your Partner code). Your friends, can become interested in trading, eventually. They might visit your links from curiosity. Once, they understand what is all about, they might do their own research about trading. And after they’ll read few stories about thousands of dollars lost, since no experience in the market… if they still want to give trading a shoot, they’ll consider my course a bargain and join (or use their earned commission, as Partner). And can you guess who will earn a commission, for introducing them to me? YOU!


    As a blog owner I see a lot of statistics. And I can tell you, +85% of my visitors, use an AdBlocker software. If you are using it too, probably you notice big media websites, asking you to disable your AdBlocker, to see their ads…That’s why, I will not provide you any banners.


    If you are a blogger and you want to promote your Partner code, I really recommend you to write an article, mentioning multiple links from my website (containing your Partner code). Also, you can use the html snippet, from the “Creatives” section, “FX Lord Ice” (link).

    Html Snippet (blog owners)


    And once you will join my “6 Months Forex Course”, you can write an article, as review. Just make sure you will be fair to your readers, by mentioning both, pros and cons, of my course. Everybody hates fake reviews, right?

    Best practice

    I really recommend you to post my website links (with your Partner code), on your own communities (social networks): personal profile, your own groups and pages. If you will be marked as spammer by someone (manually) into other people’s communities, your Partner code will be tracked by the social networks crawlers and when you will post again, you risk of getting banned automatically (and some admins, including myself will not spend their time to remove the ban, manually – lack of time).

    Social networks groups

    Big groups, are usually having the posting option, disabled. I have the 1st biggest Forex Trading Group on Facebook and 2nd biggest Forex Trading Group on Google Plus. I had to disable posting options, on Facebook, because if 1% of my group members will post each day, we’ll have thousands of posts to read daily….and will just become ads paradise.

    Small groups are much easier to interact with people. And might not consider you as spammer, especially if you chat or interact with them.

    Posting into other people’s posts, as comments (“smart comment” – SEO term)

    Did I mention everyone hate spammers? I personally ban, report and remove anyone who does this type of “promo”, in my pages/groups posts. And even if the admins won’t see it in time, how many visitors, do you think you can get? Close to zero… ’cause everybody hate annoying promo, during their conversations.

    Write few words into your posts

    Don’t just place links and run away… Here & here, you can see an example on how the links should be posted (just change the link with the ones containing your Partner code and shortened, of course)

    And change your post text, after posting it in 2-3 places. Otherwise, again the crawlers will be alerted and you might be asked to stop and prove you’re not a bot by typing a captcha code (I used to post in +300 groups/hour, nowadays, so I am familiar with this practice).

    Forex Forums

    You can post my website links, containing your Partner code, on Forums in the financial field. Just make sure their posting rules, allows you to promote links. And if they have a “commercial” section, make sure you’ll use it, for your posts/threads.


    You can let your subscribers, to know, about this “Partnership Program”, my “6 Months Forex Course” or my “Weekly Forex Market Briefing”, video and charts. Just, don’t spam random emails, hopping for results. Everybody hates unsolicited emails. Right?

    Final words…

    It was a long road for me to understand and learn affiliates and referral programs, in order to find the best option for you, my dear subscribers. Hope I did fulfilled my promise to my students, entirely, with this new service. And since this one will be in place and running, I can make a new promise to you…

    I am working on the last service that will make my website complete: a system, that will allow us to trade together.

    In that moment, my website will provide you: free articles, free technical analysis & forecast, an income source to support your initial full-time trading carrier or to fund your initial trading accounts (Partnership Program), a free course (by using your Partner commissions – if you help me spread the words) and an Automated Trading System (Funds Management), for the busy or emotive people, that can’t trade on their own behalf.