Make yourself a present, this year: invest in you. If you are here, you’ve probably lost many of your €500-€1,000 trading accounts. If not, you might, since most of the beginners, wipe away their trading accounts in 3 to 6 months (Any mistake you might make, I’ve done it already, in my beginnings, since almost 15y ago). So, if you’re still struggling to find your way in the financial markets (Stocks, Futures, Options, Indices, Forex, Commodities, Crypto), maybe it’s time to do something else, than testing randomly any trading ideas, you read online (usually straight to your real trading account, right?).

Here, you can find the list of all the Lessons (scroll down), from my “6 Months Forex Course” (Private Forum). After receiving the payment confirmation, please allow me 48h (from Monday to Friday), to create your forum ID, accordingly to your chosen plan. And you will receive all the access details, on your payment email.

In case you want to join, you must start with the Beginners Level Class, because I use known tools, but in a different way. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are an advanced trader or if you know some of these tools, already. You must start this course from scratch, based on my ideas of trading.

Before you decide to join us, just make sure, you read and agree with the Term of Use & Risk Disclaimer

To see my trading style in action (for free), make sure you scroll between my Videos. Also, you can check my Charts


1 Month

  • 1 Lesson/3 Days (recommended)
  • 9 Lessons (#1 to #9)
  • Demo Exercises (#1 and #2)
  • 2h Live Meetings each Month
  • 8xVideos (1h-2h Recordings)

1 Month

  • 1 Lesson/5 Days (recommended)
  • 5 Lessons (#10 to #14)
  • Demo Exercises (#3, #4, #5)
  • 2h Live Meetings each Month
  • 11xVideos (1h-2h Recordings)

1 Month

  • 1 Lesson/8 Days (recommended)
  • 3 Lessons (#15 to #17)
  • Demo Exercises (#6 and #7)
  • 2h Live Meetings each Month
  • 8xVideos (1h-2h Recordings)

3 Months

  •  1 Month recap (#1 to #17)
  • 10 New Lessons (#1 to #10)
  • Demo Practice 2 Months
  • 2h Live Meetings each Month
  • 15xVideos (1h-2h Recordings)

All 4 Classes (6 Months)

Best Price
  • All 4 Classes
  • Discount -30%
  • One time payment

What’s so special about my course? Why is this course different from all the other Forex Courses?

➤ First of all, I use known tools, but in a different way (on multi Time Frames, as a swing trader).
➤ Unlike other courses, I encourage all my students, to build charts for each lesson and to post it for my review! You shouldn’t proceed forward (recommended), until you are able to build a chart from scratch, based on my corrections and guidance, for that lesson.
➤ Then, we practice on Demo, during this entire course, starting from the first week (see below, the number of exercises/class, on the buttons description).
➤ The recommended pace for studying my course is 6 months (not faster, to practice properly per each lesson). But, you are totally free to study it, on your own pace in 1 year, 2 years, or whatever period of time, is suited for you (you have lifetime membership).

For questions about this Forex Course, feel free to email me, using this Contact Form. Also, you can read the F.A.Q. about this Forex Course.

*If you are a student already and you want to proceed forward with the next modules (classes), contact me, to make you a personalized offer (so you can benefit from the same discount, for this Winter Holidays special offer)

1. BEGINNERS LEVEL – 1 month (1 lesson/3 days)

Lesson #1: Forex Market
Lesson #2: Technical Analysis. Trend
Lesson #3: Price Action Trading. Reversal Pattern
Lesson #4: Fibonacci Trading
Lesson #5: ABCD Pattern
Lesson #6: Candlesticks Patterns. Pin Bars
Lesson #7: Triangles and Rectangles
Lesson #8: Open Position Management. Money Management
Lesson #9: Fundamental Analysis. News release

2. INTERMEDIATE LEVEL – 1 month (1 lesson/5 days)

Lesson #10: Ross Hook. Trader’s Trick Entry
Lesson #11: Fractals & Alligator
Lesson #12: Divergences
Lesson #13: Pivot Points
Lesson #14: ABCD – special cases

3. ADVANCED LEVEL – 1 month (1 lesson/8 days)

Lesson #15: Fibonacci Confluence Zones
Lesson #16: Harmonic Patterns
Lesson #17: Elliot Waves

4. MASTER CLASS – 3 months

This Class is for those that completed all the previous module classes.
First month is a total recap of all the previous lessons (1 lesson/day), followed by 2 months of live practice (but still demo), before opening a real account. There will be some extra lessons or final updates of the previous tools, as well, plus 10 New Master Class Lessons:

Master Class Lesson #1: Beginners Class Lessons
Master Class Lesson #2: Intermediate Level Class Lessons
Master Class Lesson #3: Advanced Class Lessons
Master Class Lesson #4: How to filter false Break Outs by using Elliot Waves
Master Class Lesson #5: Triangle/Rectangle on the 4th Elliot Waves
Master Class Lesson #6: Ending Diagonal Triangle (5th Elliot Wave)
Master Class Lesson #7: Elliot Waves – Extension Waves
Master Class Lesson #8: Elliot Waves – Corrective Structures (Simple)
Master Class Lesson #9: Elliot Waves – Corrective Structures (Complex)
Master Class Lesson #10: Elliot Waves – Channels forming

5. MONEY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM GROUP (FREE, for all my former students)

After attending my course, you will participate into this free program group, to receive guidance before opening your real account. Here, we will develop a personal trading program for you, accordingly to your trading hours, account balance, accepted risk, strategy, etc. And you will test it on demo, as long as it takes, before opening a real trading account.

On the 1st day of every month, we have 2h live recorded meetings, related to each class lessons – currently on demand, only (by joining a class, you will have access to many previous weekly meetings videos):

– Beginners Level Class – 1:00pm GMT
– Intermediate Level Class – 3:00pm GMT
– Advanced Level Class – 5:00pm GMT
– Master Class – 7:00pm GMT